Sierra Nevada’s 40th Anniversary Ale

Most people have their own go to beer.  That special beer that you can always turn to when you can’t find another beer that appeals to you at that moment your craving something familiar instead of the latest beer trend of the moment.  Sierra Nevada has been my go to brew for many years, over 30 to be sure. 2020 is a milestone for Sierra Nevada, their fortieth anniversary.  They began brewing in 1980, a couple of years before it was official for me to drink legally.  When I was finally able to go to a bar and enjoy beer, … Continue reading Sierra Nevada’s 40th Anniversary Ale

Sprung Beer Festival April 4 in Wynwood

Beer lovers it is time once again to welcome spring and drink some of the best craft beers available and in one location Wynwood Marketplace in Miami.  Over 150 craft breweries will descend into Wynwood pouring over 300 beers in all styles and all unlimited.  There are several options on tickets as always and if you act fast the included special codes may save you a few bucks $35 $45 General Admission INSIDER CODE: RUSH35 UNLIMITED CRAFT BEER SAMPLES & admission from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM $45 $75 Beer Socialite INSIDER CODE: RUSH45 UNLIMITED CRAFT BEER SAMPLES & EARLY … Continue reading Sprung Beer Festival April 4 in Wynwood