Open That Bottle Night 2020, Leap Day

Open that bottle night. The wine holiday created for wine lovers holding on to a special bottle of wine for a special occasion.  Sounds reasonable, but more often than now, that special bottle is resting for that special day, but that day never comes.

The wine columnists for the Wall Street Journal were often asked by readers when to open their special bottles so they would still be drinkable when that day came.  Not such an easy answer to provide, what grape was the wine, where was if from, which winery, storage conditions?  Obviously not an easy answer to provide, but, Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, the writers of the Journal’s, “Tastings” column came up with and answer of when to drink that bottle.  In 2000 they declared the last Saturday of February “Open That Bottle Night.” That is the day designated to opening that special bottle.

The first OTBN was declared for the last Saturday in 2000, the 2020 is the 20thanniversary, but it also occurs on Leap Day which makes it extra special.

The best way to plan is to go to for special tips and to see how people enjoyed this night for the past 20 years.  There are pictures and stories what made this day special for more reasons than that special bottle of wine, maybe a marriage proposal?  Click to find out and also plan to share what made your Leap Day 2020 so special.

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