Sierra Nevada’s 40th Anniversary Ale

Most people have their own go to beer.  That special beer that you can always turn to when you can’t find another beer that appeals to you at that moment your craving something familiar instead of the latest beer trend of the moment.  Sierra Nevada has been my go to brew for many years, over 30 to be sure.

2020 is a milestone for Sierra Nevada, their fortieth anniversary.  They began brewing in 1980, a couple of years before it was official for me to drink legally.  When I was finally able to go to a bar and enjoy beer, Bud was the King of Beers and not much else was available in bottles or on tap.  Imports from Europe arrived and were hits among yuppies, but many had skunky features that weren’t too appealing.  The first craft beer to hit the east coast was Anchor Steam; finally I got to taste what a real beer should taste like.  Finally I had my first taste of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, I’m not sure what year it was but it was my new favorite beer.  They also had a Porter and Stout as well.  What set Sierra Nevada apart was it’s free use of hops to add flavor.  The hops added a nice bitter aftertaste, but also pine and citrus.  Later this would become known as West Coast Style IPA, since those early days much imitated but never quite matched.

Now Sierra Nevada has a wide collection

of beers they produce year round as well as plenty of seasonal beers added to its line up.  In addition to the original brewery in Chico, California, they have expanded to an East Coast Brewery located in Mills River, North Carolina.  Both breweries are on the leading edge of sustainably built breweries.

40 years!  A long time for sure to be brewing beer, but that is how long Sierra Nevada has been around; of course they made a special beer to celebrate this feat.  The Limited Edition 40 Hoppy Anniversary is on store shelves now, so hurry up and grab some before they disappear.  Dark golden yellow with a slightly off white head that dissipates slowly comes in at 6%abv. The nose is filled with tell tale pine with lemon and grapefruit.  In true Sierra Nevada style the palate is filled with the bold hop flavors that dominate the nose.  The effect is as expected, thirst quenching magic to enjoy anytime.

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