Brooklyn Brewery, Black Chocolate Stout

Most beer lovers have a favorite brew that is only available for a certain season for a limited run. When it is gone? You are out of luck until then next year’s release.  Sure you can stock up a little, but most seasonal beers are meant to be drunk right away, not to be held for too long.  Other special beers are meant to be drunk now and some saved for the future like a fine wine.

Brooklyn Brewery, Black Chocolate Stout, 10.0%abv. is inky black with a dark tan head.  The amazing nose brings notes of dark roasted malt, hot cocoa, espresso, your favorite dark chocolate bar and whiffs of vanilla.  The rich full mouth is filled with chocolate malt and dark cacao, double espresso with sharp hop notes backed by nice acidity.

Drinking the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout on a chilly winter’s night brings me back to enjoying it at the bar of the Lazy Boy Saloon in White Plains, NY.  Out with friends, every week a different person would take the hit and be the designated driver, a good practice to have when sucking back pints of a powerful ale.

Think dessert when pairing the Brooklyn Brewery, Black Chocolate Stout.  Dark chocolate mud pie, chocolate cheesecake or even dark chocolate smores, you get the picture.



Brewed since 1994, Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout is the beer I look forward to every year. Styled after Russian Imperial Stouts that the British brewed for Catherine the Great.  Russian Imperial Stouts were brewed to be high in alcohol and hopped enough to make the long journey from England to Russia.  We are lucky today to have this beer replicated by Brooklyn Brewery so we too can feel like the royalty did at the Russian Imperial Court.

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