Skipper’s Creek Vineyard, Cabernet Franc, 2018

Skipper’s Creek Vineyard, Cabernet Franc, Powhatan, VA, 2018 has a medium garnet red in the glass. Aromas of raspberry, sweet red pepper, blackberry and boysenberry greet the nose and excite the palate for what is to come with the first sip.  The palate is rewarded with rich blueberry, tart red cherry, blackberry, and sweet red pepper.  The Skipper’s Creek Vineyard Cabernet Franc is bursting full of flavor, with a medium finish and light smooth tannins, bright acidity creeps in mid palate and brings the wine into harmony on the finish.  Your mouth is eagerly awaiting its next sip.

Skipper’s Creek Vineyard with its fruit forward flavors and light tannins make it very food friendly. A great appetizer would be a crostini topped with roasted garlic, pesto and goat cheese, the earthy flavors of the crostini would contrast nicely with the up front fruit of the Cabernet Franc. For a main course sauté some pork medallions with onions and garlic, deglaze the pan with some of the Skipper’s Creek Vineyard and reduce to a glaze.  Finish with some San Marzano tomato puree and sage.  For a sweet ending just serve some berries with finely chopped mint and your meal is complete.

Viognier is Virginia’s state grape and does hold its own, but I would like to see Cabernet Franc as a co- state grape, so we have a red and white state grapes.

Skipper’s Creek Vineyard is open for tastings most weekends and you will be served by the wineries owners. That is a nice touch; many vineyards are well represented by a pouring staff who know a few talking points.  At Skipper’s Creek the owners are there to pour the wine and answer all questions you have personally, a rare treat.  Take a nice drive along country roads to the mile long dirt road to the winery, you’ll be pleased you did.

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