Quebec’s Unibroure Celebrates 25 years with Ale Gâteau Foret Noire

Quebec’s Unibroue is celebrating its 25th anniversary and to celebrate they needed a special beer. They also needed a cake for the party, so they put the cake in the bottle, a black forest cake, Ale Gâteau Foret Noire.

Ale Gâteau Foret Noire, 10.5%abv, is dark brown in the glass with a quickly receding tan fluffy head. The Ale Gâteau’s nose is filled with dark roasted sweet malt, espresso beans and baking spices.   The palate is filled with a creamy sweet maltiness backed by tart cherry and spices. The mouthful is full and rich and the high alcohol doesn’t lead to a burning feel. This is truly a cold weather brew.

Ale Gâteau Foret Noire is truly a black forest cake in a glass. It is perfect for those or us who forgo dessert for another beer instead. This takes care of both problems at once. The high alcohol content is perfect for a chilly evening, giving off a warming sensation to keep you warm.

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