Sierra Nevada still strong with the latest trendy beer styles

Sierra Nevada Brewing has been a favorite of mine for the last 35 years or so. Starting with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with it’s hop forward flavors and never looking back to tasteless mass produced beer again.

Sierra Nevada, Mills River, North Carolina, Hazy Little Thing IPA, 6.7 ABV, has a big fluffy white head sitting atop a cloudy golden yellow body. A big hoppy, citrusy nose is a sign of great things to come. There is also a mineral flintiness on the back of the nose. The hops are prominent on the front end of the palate balanced with some sweet malty characteristics. The finish is a lemon/grapefruit combo that leaves you wanting the next sip. Above all this is pure Sierra Nevada, a bitter hoppy beer overall that is a crowd pleaser every time.

Sierra Nevada, Brut IPA, Mills River, North Carolina, 6.2% abv, has a bright white head with a light golden yellow body. Bold spicy hops and pine dominate the nose. Tropical citrus notes act as secondary aromas. A bone-dry citrus flavor greets the palate, followed by citrus and pine that lead to a very dry medium finish. My first impression of the Sierra Nevada, Brut IPA wasn’t too favorable, but my palate opened up to it when I tried it for a second time.

Hazy beer has been around for a while, basically they are unfiltered, the haze is created by particles that are left over from brewing such as yeast cells and other particles of the brewing process. German weizen mit hefe beers are often unfiltered and you see a thin layer of yeast on the bottom of the bottle. When disturbed the yeast makes the beer cloudy. This is no big deal and safe to drink.

The Brut IPA trend has caught fire lately. An enzyme is added during fermentation that breaks down complex sugars allowing them to be fermented out allowing a bone-dry beer as a result. Expect to see the Brut IPA to be the hot beer trend for 2019.



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