Winter Holiday Brews Part 1

As the holiday season fast approaches, it is time to figure out what beers to drink sitting by the fireplace or just enjoying family and friends.  Beer is the perfect beverage for these informal gatherings.  Winter ales and lagers tend to have a higher alcohol content to keep the cold winter evenings at bay. They give everyone a nice warm glow, just be careful, it is easy to overindulge on these tasty treats. Breckenridge Brewery, Christmas Ale, Breckenridge,CO, 7.1% abv. has a dark amber color with a thin tan head. The nose is filled with roasted dark malt, sweet caramel … Continue reading Winter Holiday Brews Part 1

Skipper’s Creek Vineyards, Merriwether Red Wine, Powhatan, VA, 2016

One of the great things about living in Richmond, VA is the history that surrounds this city. The state capitol building was designed by Thomas Jefferson and sits atop a hill overlooking the James River, and Jefferson’s home Monticello is just over an hour north in Virginia wine country. Wineries are all over Virginia and easily accessible from Richmond in any direction. Richmond is also home to many small breweries producing outstanding ales and lagers. Virginia also has a part of history of moonshine during prohibition that is being revived by a few small distilleries. Skipper’s Creek Vineyard in Powhatan, … Continue reading Skipper’s Creek Vineyards, Merriwether Red Wine, Powhatan, VA, 2016