Tikves, Rkactelli, Special Selection, Macedonia, 2013

IMG_1651 is light gold in the glass. Aromas of sweet summer peaches backed by tart lemon and bright minerals tease the palate of what’s to come. Peach and pear and juicy mango fill the mouth and are soon joined by bright acid of lemon and grapefruit giving the Tikves, Rkactelli has a medium body and a long dry finish. The long finish cleans the palate out ready for another sip or another bite of food.


Tikves, Rkactelli, Special Selection is the perfect warm weather wine, best enjoyed sitting on the back deck or on a picnic blanket on a hilltop over looking a lush valley. A variety of thin sliced hams and soft cheeses would benefit from the wine’s crisp acidity and fruit notes. Warm herb roasted chicken and a crusty baguette would also be complimented by the Tikves, Rkactelli, Special Selection.


Macedonian wines may start to come into their own. Tikves winery dates back to 1885 and the Macedonian wine industry was more focused on quantity over quality during the cold war. Since the early 2000’s substantial investment into the Tikves winery and a focus on quality has taken over. The fact that the Tikves, Rkactelli, Special Selection, 2013 is still drinking so fresh is a statement on the quality of this wine and the winery that produces it.

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