Peach season means it is Bellini Time

Peach season is in full swing and that means it is time to make Bellinis.  Invented and made famous by Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy.  The Bellini is the ultimate romantic drink to sip during the summer.  Seasonal has been the catchphrase for using the best foods of the season, so here is the perfect summer drink to enjoy.  Here is how to prepare the perfect Bellini. 3 each    white or yellow peeled peaches 1/2 cup  simple syrup* 1 bottle  cold Prosecco Combine peeled peaches and simple syrup in a blender and blend until pureed.  Fill a half a … Continue reading Peach season means it is Bellini Time

Chateau Rollan de By, 2011

Chateau, Rollan de By, Medoc, 2011 is dark garnet red. Earthy aromas of wet leaves, tobacco, cedar box and minerals dominate the nose. The Rollan de By opens up more on the palate. Strawberry, tart blackberry, and violets shine on the front of the palate. The earthy flavors on the nose return on the back of the palate. Tannins are present but no over powering and should mellow out nicely as this wine ages. The finish is long with mouth drying acidity to round out and balance the Rollan de By. The Rollan de By still needs time to settle … Continue reading Chateau Rollan de By, 2011

National Rum Day is August 16. Make it Spicy with Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is a straight-up, no nonsense, old-school rum. Back in the day, sailors used to smooth out their high-proof rum ration with spices, and we follow that same tradition. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was created in honor of American tattoo legend and Navy Vet, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum embodies the independent spirit and unapologetic attitude of the rum’s namesake who was noted for saying “My work speaks for itself.”  So whether you enjoy it in your favorite cocktail, or just served up on the rocks, celebrate National Rum Day in the most badass way … Continue reading National Rum Day is August 16. Make it Spicy with Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum