Latest Grovetoberfest News

Rich enjoying a hme brew at Grovetoberfest!

Grovetoberfest is only three weeks away.  Did you get your tickets yet?  The is some bad news, some good news and some great news.

The bad news is that the VIP tickets are all sold out.  I tried to warn you, these rare highly sought out tickets always sell out first.

The good news is that General Admission and Beer Socialite tickets are still available and still at a discount.  General Admission tickets are priced at $40, but if you use the code GA30 and they cost only $30.  For and even better deal, which includes early admission and other goodies, opt for the Beer Socialite pass.  Type in BS40 when checking out and save a whopping $31.  Yep the Beer Socialite is normally $70.

For the great news go to for a chance to win tickets.  They are giving away 5 pairs of VIP tickets, 10 pairs of Beer Socialite tickets of 15 General Admission passes.

Remember that Grovetoberfest is moving to Miami Marine Stadium on the Rickerbacker Causeway this year on Saturday October 15.

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