Woodchuck Hard Ciders

Hard Cider, the alcoholic version of apple cider has a long history around the globe. Many nations around the world grow apples and produce apple juice. A natural extension of apple juice is to produce an alcoholic version of this beloved juice. Of course apples love a cool climate to grow in and countries in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere that grow apple have their own version of Hard Cider.

This holds true for America, especially New England. Apple trees were plentiful in the northern states in colonial America and hard cider was easy to produce. This made it the most popular alcoholic beverage when the colonies were starting to grow.

Woodchuck Cider from Middlebury, VT was founded in 1991, since then it was purchased by Irish beverage company C&C group according to Wikipedia. Below are the tasting notes of four of Woodchuck Hard Cider’s products. It is worth it to try them all to see which one is your favorite. All are very tasty and deliciously refreshing.

Woodchuck Hard Cider, Middlebury, VT, Amber, 5%abv.

Light amber color

Bright apple aromas with citrus notes in the background

Crisp red and golden delicious flavors with lemony citrus adding a nice acid balance

Herb roasted chicken with roasted zucchini and yellow squash.

Woodchuck Hard Cider, Summer Time (Hint of Blueberry), 5%abv.

Pale straw color

Apple & blueberry, slightly medicinal

Citrusy apple with complimentary blueberry coming in right behind.

Crisp acid on the back of the palate with a short dry finish.

Summer seafood or chicken salads.

Woodchuck Hard Cider, Granny Smith (Tart Green Apple), 5%abv.

Apples from Yakima Valley, Washington

Light golden yellow

Lemon peel, lime peel, apple tartness

Tart Granny Smith, lemon and lime crisp acidity

Medium dry, crisp finish

Warm apple pie with fresh whipped cream

Woodchuck Hard Cider, Gumption, 5.5%abv.

Dark gold

Baked apple aromas, some sweet perfumed notes

Gala apple and baked apple flavors with a pleasant sweet citrus finish.

Tart tatin with vanilla ice cream.

Give all of them a try and also look for their seasonal offerings for a nice alternative to your favorite adult beverage of choice.IMG_1464

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