Wines of Moldova

Wine lovers are always looking for the next best wine region. Looking for bragging rights for the new big thing. It turns out the new beg thing; the best new wine region has been producing wine for centuries. Moldova is that country. Shaped like a bunch of grapes, Moldova is in between the Ukraine and Romania. Moldova’s winemaking history goes back over 5,OOO years and even today the tradition of winemaking remains strong. Many family and villages have vines growing to make their own wines. The Moldovan government has even set up a commission, the National office for vine and wine, and also a program promoting wines of Moldova, These programs insure that all wineries produce high quality wines that can compete in the world market.

Moldova produces a variety of native and international grape varietals. Moldova has seen its wine industry have its ups and downs, but now it is poised to become a major player on the World’s Wine Stage.

Chateau Vartely, Feteasca Regala, 2014 is pale yellow in the glass. It has rich aromas of lemon peel, wild flowers and tropical fruit, especially pineapple. The palate shows off those tart tropical flavors up front. It is followed by plenty of mouth puckering citrus acidity on the back of the palate with slight sweetness on the back of the palate. The Chateau Vartely is a great example of how a native Moldovan grape, Feteasca Regala shows off its characteristics and how drinkable it is. Drink the Chateau Vartely, Fateasca Regala with pan seared scallops with lemon buerre blanc.

Vinaria Nobila Matur Rezerva, Merlot, 2012 is dark cherry red with aromas of blackberry, plum and stewed fruit. The Vinaria Nobila Matur Rezerva has tart berries on the front of the palate followed by red delicious apple. Smooth soft tannins round out the palate and lead to a long dry finish. Enjoy the Vinaria Nobila Matur Rezerva with roasted pork with stewed fruit, roasted root vegetables and pureed sweet potatoes.

Chateau Vartely and Vinaria Nobila Matur are just two of Moldova’s wineries leading Moldova into the forefront of the next wine region to satisfy wine lovers search for the next big thing.


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